Our “Triple E” program meets each Friday. Students have the opportunity to select quarterly courses taught by parents and community volunteers. These courses include Drama, Photography, French, The Jr. Crusader Chronicle (school newspaper), Law Enforcement, Medical Careers, Creative Card Construction, Chess, Architecture, Zumba, NASA Videoconferencing, Bridge Building, Sales for Scholarship (EBay sales), Public Speaking, Small group vocal and band, and Camp Counselor Training.

We also have two anchor courses that are offered each quarter, Reach Out and My Money and Me.  All 7th graders have a quarter of Reach Out, in which they learn to share their faith with younger students. This class culminates with a visit to the elementary school where the students present a program for one of the primary grades.  8th graders stud

y personal finance in My Money and Me where they learn about banking, credit cards, and the stock market.

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