7th Grade
Students read novels covering a variety of genres, focusing on literary elements, vocabulary, and comprehension. Selections include The Breadwinner, The Devil’s Arithmetic, Freak the Mighty, and the Lightning Thief. Students also read nonfiction and poetry.

8th Grade
Various works of Literature, both classic and contemporary, are read and analyzed for theme development, characterization, plot structure, and vocabulary expansion. After the completion of each book, students are required to orally present final projects that reflect their comprehension of the skills and subject matter discussed during the reading of the book. Students also participate in journaling based on themes addressed in the books. This year’s selections include: The Diary of a Young Girl: Anne Frank, Hamlet, A Christmas Carol, The Outsiders (and Robert Frost’s “Nothing Gold Can Stay), a collection of Edgar Allen Poe (The Tell-Tale Heart, The Raven, The Black Cat, Annabel Lee), and the Hunger Games (series one).