7th Grade
This course is lab based and focuses on cell structure and function, DNA and genetics, Domains of Life and the Energy Transfer in Biomes and Ecology. Students also learn the scientific method and complete a Science Fair project. Our Science text is Prentice Hall, Science Explorer.

8th Grade
This course is lab-based. In Chemistry we cover Matter, Energy, States of Matter, the Periodic Table, Chemical Reactions and Chemical Equations. In Physics we cover Magnetism, Waves, Electricity, Forces, and Motion. Our Science text is Prentice Hall, Science Explorer.

Science Fair
The annual science fair is an integral part of the 7th grade curriculum and optional for 8th graders. Students learn how to construct a good science fair project, utilizing the scientific method. In English class, they learn the tools needed to complete background research and prepare a written report on their project. Students select their own topic of interest and design an experiment to test their hypothesis. Project research begins in the fall and completed projects are presented to the class in February. In March, all 7th grade students present their projects to a team of judges at our school science fair. Students earning a Superior rating at this fair are invited to participate at the District 16 Science Fair at Belmont College. From there, students can compete and top scorers are invited to attend State Science Day at The Ohio State University. Our school had been pleased to have a team of students at the State Science Day each year.

Field WJH Field Workork

Stream Monitoring
Each Fall, students conduct on-site stream monitoring with a team from the Jefferson County Soil and Water Office.

Chestnut Tree Planting
In the Spring of 2014, our school partnered with a local land owner and the American Chestnut Foundation. After a presentation on the chestnut blight, students went into the field and assisted in the planting of 1,000 chestnut trees, comprised of several different genetically modified versions of the American Chestnut Tree. The trees were planted on farm land reclaimed from coal mining. Our school is committed to an annual follow-up trip to record the tree growth and determine which breed of trees grows the best in the reclaimed soil.