7th Grade
World History will be taught in 7th grade beginning with the “Early Hebrews”. We will cover topics including Greece, The Roman World, Rome and Christianity, The Middle Ages, and The Renaissance and Reformation. Seventh grade students will also review all 50 of the states and capitals along with learning an interesting fact for each one. The text used is Holt McDougal, Ancient Civilizations.

8th Grade
American History will be taught in 8th grade beginning with the “Early English Settlements”. We will cover topics including Growth of the Thirteen Colonies, The French and Indian War, Creating a Nation, The American Revolution, The Articles of Confederation, The U.S. Constitution, Growth and Expansion, and The Civil War. In geography, eighth graders will learn the countries and capitals of the world. The text used is Glencoe, The American Journey.

GeographyJH Geography Bee Bee

Our students compete annually in the National Geographic Geography Bee. Individual bees are held in each Social Studies Class. Winners then compete at the school Geography Bee. Our school champion advances to the State Level of the Geography Bee Competition.