7th & 8th Grade Computers
Both 7th and 8th Grade Computer classes will focus on word processing, desktop publishing, graphic design and basic Microsoft Office skills. Students complete projects including a personalized calendar and a trifold brochure in Microsoft Publisher, multiple surveys with graphs in Microsoft Excel, posters and journals in Microsoft Word, and a slideshow in Microsoft PowerPoint. They also spend partial class time on the math website, www.firstinmath.com, where they can increase math fluency, earn points and help achieve our school goals.

7th & 8th Grade Art
Both 7th and 8th Art classes incorporate several different types of media. Projects include sketching, using regular pencils and colored pencils, as well as mixed media projects, using oil pastels, chalk, charcoal and Sharpie markers. Other artwork involves plaster masks and creating their own stamps. Student work is displayed annually at the Eastern Gateway community College sponsored art fair. Art meets twice a week in the first semester.

7th & 8th Grade Music
Both 7th and 8th Grade Music classes are centered on the world of musical theater. Students will learn how movies and books are turned into staged, theatrical productions. Students will research the music, lyrics and composers. Students will also learn how many different people come together to create a masterpiece. Students will also review music for our school masses. They will learn how to properly use their voices and diaphragm to create an optimum sound.