First grade is a very important year for students.  It is in first grade that they will be introduced to concepts that they will continue to build upon for the rest of their academic years.  Here are some of the new and exciting areas of study for first grade.


  • Belonging to the church – Baptism
  • Introduce the sacrament of Reconciliation
  • The Holy Trinity
  • Learn basic prayers and different type of prayers
  • Learn about Holy Mary, Blessed Mother of God
  • Learn about the life and resurrection of Jesus
  • Learn about the life of Saints
  • Attend weekly school masses
  • Attend rosary, Stations of the Cross, prayer services
  • Carry on the work of Jesus through service projects

Language Arts:

  • Weekly reading story
  • Integrated spelling, grammar and phonics to weekly reading story
  • Development of weekly sight vocabulary
  • Learn to write a complete sentence
  • Develop phonics and decoding skills
  • Learn comprehension strategies and vocabulary skills
  • Develop handwriting using the Zaner-Bloser methods of manuscript
  • Develop oral reading skills


  • Basic addition and subtraction to 20
  • Memorize facts to 10
  • Recognize number to 100
  • Place Value
  • Graphs and tables
  • Patterns
  • Plane shapes and solid figures
  • Fractions
  • Money
  • Telling time
  • Length, weight, capacity


  • Living things…plants and animals
  • Weather
  • Caring for the Earth
  • Properties and changes in matter
  • Force and motion
  • Length, weight, capacity

Social Studies:

  • Rules and laws
  • Where people live
  • Our country
  • Our changing world
  • People around the world
  • The marketplace