English: In English class we concentrate on grammar and parts of speech. Ex. Sentences, nouns, pronouns, adjectives, verbs, adverbs, conjunctions, articles, prepositions.  We also write personal narratives, poems, non-fiction stories, friendly letters, plus various other writing activities.

READING: Reading we learn different reading skills: such as comprehension, vocabulary, and figurative language (smiles, metaphors, idioms, onomatopoeia) Greek and Latin origins of words, main idea and details.  We read many different literature Genres.  Examples are stories that deal with fiction and non-fictions selections in the following areas: Inventors and Artists, Life’s challenges, social issues about doing the right thing, adapting to the environment and life’s strategies, adventures and dealing with the unexpected.

RELIGION: Our concentration if fifth grade Religion deals with the sacraments, parts of the liturgy, and the 10 commandments.  We attend weekly mass and participate in being lectors, altar servers, and gift bearers.  Grades 5 and 6 participate in the Tournament of Truth which is a religious competition against the other schools in our diocese.  We won this past year.

SOCIAL STUDIES: The students learn about the United States, its geography, land-forms, and facts dealing with our country’s history.  Each student participates in the Great American Challenge.  The have eight months to learn the 50 states and capitals and label them on a map, recite the beginning of the Gettysburg Address, recite or sing “The Star Spangles Banner”, write all of the presidents in order, write out the “Pledge of Allegiance:, and recite the “Preamble of the Constitution”.  If they succeed they receive a special award and can say that they conquered “The Great American Challenge”!!!  We visit the Old Fort Steuben which is in our city for our yearly field trip.  The students learn why the fort was built, what life was like back then, and they look at the artifacts that were found in the archeological dig performed by our local University.

MATH: We begin with place value of whole numbers and decimals.  Then there are several chapters on adding and subtracting decimals, multiplying and dividing whole numbers and decimals, geometry, and fractions.  Our book can be accessed on line with the specific code each child is assigned.  They can review each lesson, play games that coincide with the concept we are learning, and take practice quizzes and tests.  We use the Smart board for almost every lesson.

SCIENCE: Fifth grade science begins with a look at cells, the basic unit of all life.  This year we take time to study Earth’s systems and cycles, focusing on the ecosystems and the water, carbon, and nitrogen cycles.  We study threatened, endangered and extinct species.  Fifth graders take pride in creating biome dioramas, showcasing one of Earth’s 6 major biomes.  Through a partnership with Franciscan University chemistry department we host demonstrations from Dr. Jeffery Rohde and senior chemistry students.  Fifth grade science participates in the Jefferson County Water & Soil Conservation field trip by attending Fernwood Forest.