An education in technology is an essential component of a curriculum for the development of 21st century skills. The benefits of collaboration, problem solving, critical thinking, and creativity inherent in a technology education program are crucial to prepare students to function in school and society. Students build upon technology skills each school year beginning in kindergarten.

Our Computer Applications Class is designed to teach students how to use the computer as a personal tool, real-world technology, through the use of applications software. Appropriate software for database management, word processing, graphics, and spreadsheets to create graphs and charts will be used. Students will also perform activities using integrated software programs. Students will learn to use the Internet, and they will be given assignments in which searching the Internet will be required. (An agreement must be signed by a parent or guardian.)

BJKM follows Ohio’s Content Standards in Technology and the National Technology Standards. ( Lessons and Objectives are age appropriate…each year building on previous skills.

All students have the opportunity to create projects in our computer class for other classes.


Students will learn to use the computer keyboard using the touch method (qwerty keyboard). Emphasis is placed on developing correct typing techniques and improving speed and accuracy when producing documents. Students will have an opportunity to use keyboarding software and will be able to create documents for other classes.

Multimedia Productions:

Students will design and produce multimedia presentations that incorporate text, graphics, sound, and animation. Software tools include PowerPoint and Movie Maker. Students will also learn to modify digital images and Internet images for use in presentations. Presentations may also include Internet links, re-sized images, and imported documents such as charts or graphs.

MicroSoft Office:

Students are introduced to the variety of technology tools available in our school and probably in their own home. Students will make text documents, create drawings, import their drawings into documents, use clip art files and Internet images, build a spreadsheet for data collection and create charts and

graphs from that data, use electronic resources and the Internet, practice proper keyboarding techniques, and explore a variety of software applications.

Desktop Publishing (PrintShop):

Students use computer technology to publish these kinds of exciting projects: brochures, timelines, flyers, newsletter, posters, and newspapers. Computer graphics, word processing, photograph editing, and page layout will be used to generate professional-looking documents. Students will learn the elements of design, create and use advanced drawing projects, and also use publishing templates in their publications. Students will have an opportunity to create projects for other classes.


Students will explore the exciting world of the Internet and become powerful, yet safe, Internet users. Students will learn about connecting to the Internet, web addressing, citing electronic resources in reports, advanced search engine features as well as improving their Internet navigation skills. Students will learn how to keep safe on the Internet by learning about privacy issues, copyright rules, virus protection, and Internet etiquette.