1st quarter, 2018

Accelerated Reader Report:

Accelerated Reader quizzes passed:
6A- 1st place- 126
6B- 2nd place- 99
3A- 3rd place- 91
4B - 4th place- 90

Accelerated Reader honor students
* 2A Sophia Leonard
* 2B Erin Joyce
* 3A Brooklyn Saggio
* 3B Lauren Hall
* 4A Raphael Weigel
* 4B Riley Heldreth & Maria Kissinger
* 5A Angel Jubenville
* 5B Gianna Bonjour
* 6A Gio Gio Asci
* 6B Maeve Symington

Highest student achievement for completion of the “Math Facts in Flash” program

Andrew Rohde, Johnny Sollom



Grades 5-8