Classical Curriculum Track - Chesterton Academy of Catholic Central High School

Beginning in the fall of the 2018-2019 school year, Catholic Central High School will offer an optional classical curriculum track for their students.

What is the Chesterton Academy? Founded in 2008 as a result of a grass-roots movement of parents, Chesterton Academy offers a rigorous, integrated, classical high school curriculum. Named for the great English writer G.K. Chesterton, the mission of Chesterton Academy is to raise up a generation of joyful leaders and saints, educated in the classical tradition and truths of the Catholic faith. Catholic Central will use the curriculum by Chesterton Academy to offer a students classical curriculum track option.

Catholic Central High School, through the Chesterton Academy, seeks to provide a classical
curriculum track that imparts essential knowledge in an ordered way. The Chesterton Academy
fits our Mission Statement at Catholic Central “where academic excellence is fostered through a
well-defined curriculum.” Catholic Central is proud to offer this classical curriculum track to all
of our current and perspective students.

The Chesterton Academy of Catholic Central is a classical track, comprised of a detailed and
integrated curriculum.

• Includes Ancient History, Literature, Philosophy (including Logic and Rhetoric, Debate),
Theology and Latin.
• It is a coherent education; one that celebrates the unity of faith and reason and that teaches
students how to think and how to learn.
• It is taught through the Socratic Dialogue.
• Faith is at the core of the academic program, all subjects are taught through the lens of the Church.

Catholicism is central to the classical track mission.
• Everyday starts with Mass
• Teachers take a public oath of fidelity to the Magisterium.
• Religion is not merely one academic subject among many.
• The truth is that the Faith is the central reality from which all academic disciplines flow and
derive their meaning.

Additional questions can be found on our FAQ sheet. Please take a look and if you have additional questions, please contact Thomas J. Costello, principal of Catholic Central High School. Call 740-264-5538 or email: