Our annual raffle begins with ticket sales in December. Tickets are once again $25.00 and each family is asked to sell ten. The drawing will be held after the annual Bishop Mussio Day Mass in Lanman Hall on April 27, 2018. This fundraiser is vital in meeting our operating expenses so we ask for your continued support. Please help us reach our goal of $20,000 in ticket sales!

Grand Prize           $5,000

2nd Prize               $2,000

3rd Prize                $1,000

5 – $100 Early Bird Drawings will be done on February 16, 2018!


  • The family selling the most tickets will win a $500 scholarship to BJKM Schools or CCHS.

  • All families selling 10 tickets will earn a family dress down day.

  • Families selling 20 or more tickets will earn one week of dress downs.

Call our Offices for More Tickets:

BJKM ELEM. 740.264.2550  /  BJKM JH 740.346.0028