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Our schools are built on tradition and united in faith. We take pride in our
academics, faith and community. Join us for a day of shadowing or come take a tour with Principals Mrs. Theresa Danaher at Bishop John King Mussio Elementary and Mrs. Judith Lucas at Bishop John King Mussio Junior High and Catholic Central High School.
Experience the Crusader Difference!

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Bishop John King Mussio Elementary

Bishop John King Mussio Junior High

Catholic Central High School

Scholarships and

financial assistance are available

Financial Aid Resources

Ohio EdChoice Expansion Scholarship

Families living in Ohio who meet certain income guidelines (at or below 250% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines) might qualify for the Ohio EdChoice Expansion Scholarship. For more information please use the following links:

2023-2024 EdChoice Scholarship Program Fact Sheet

2023-2024 Income Eligibility Requirements for EdChoice-Expansion

Come Experience The Crusader Difference