Built on tradition, united in faith.

Steubenville Catholic Schools encompasses grades P-12 and is comprised of three schools: Steubenville Catholic Central High School, Bishop John King Mussio Jr. High, and Bishop John King Mussio Elementary. All three schools work in concert for the overall success of our students, thus continuing the long-standing history and tradition of excellence in the classroom, in the Faith, and on the playing fields.

We integrate Catholic values, beliefs, and traditions within the context of a strong academic program that gives our students a solid foundation for ongoing education. Students receive daily instruction in religion and participate in school masses, benediction, stations of the cross, the rosary, and other Catholic prayers and devotional activities. Our schools offer a disciplined environment based upon the principles of charity, respect, and caring for one another. Spiritual development is a core purpose of Catholic Education and is integrated throughout the curriculum and activities of the school. Though we are foremost a Catholic institution, families of all faiths and traditions who share our core values are wholeheartedly welcomed into the school community.

 Ohio EdChoice Expansion Scholarship

For more information please use the following links:

Income Eligibility



2023-2024 Federal Poverty Guidelines

2023-2024 EdChoice Expansion Fact Sheet

2024-2025 Information

Expansion Fact Sheet 2024-2025


EdChoice Expansion Award Amounts FY25


2024-2025 Income Eligibility Requirements for EdChoice Expansion


Additional Information 

1. EdChoice is only for residents of the state of Ohio. If you live in WV or PA, you are strongly advised to complete the attached Financial Aid Form if you have not already done so and submit to the school.
2. Your household size includes only the children who are under 18. Example: Mother, Father, 22, 20, 18, 12 and 7 year old children will be a household size of 4. Your Adjusted Gross Income can be found on line 11 of Page 1 of the 2022 1040 Income Tax Return.
3. If you have a child that is in the Autism or Jon Peterson Scholarship program, that child will not qualify for EdChoice. You are urged to complete the attached Financial Aid Form for that child.
4. If your 2022 Income Tax Return shows a capital gain from the sale of stock or property, or a taxable distribution from an IRA, 401K or other retirement account or Other Taxable Income that is only for the 2022 tax year, please indicate that to me and an explanation will be submitted. If you are unsure where to find this on your tax return, please contact me and I will be more than happy to assist you. (I have Income Tax preparation experience)
5. The schools will only receive the amount of tuition that is billed per child even though you may be awarded an amount greater than the billed tuition. We can only submit to EdChoice the amount that is on our tuition charts and nothing greater. The Ohio Department of Education already has our tuition charts on file.
6. If your tuition plan has a bank account/credit card attached to it and you qualify for EdChoice, the school will absolutely refund the amounts you paid to you as soon as we are advised that you have been awarded. Please be advised that EdChoice covers tuition only and not any fees such as Registration Fees, Senior Fees or Afterschool Care fees. You will still be responsible to pay any fees.
7. If you do not have a utility bill in your name because you rent or live with another party (such as your parent or relative), I will need for you to submit a notarized statement from that person stating that you live with them or rent from them, a utility bill in their name and a piece of business mail (car insurance, credit card statement, bank statement, etc) in your name that you receive at that address.
8. If you are the legal guardian of the child you are applying for, please submit the court papers stating that you are the legal guardian.
Also, please be sure to include all the required documentation when you submit your forms to avoid the need to call or email you asking for the missing information so we can process your application as quickly as possible.

– Diana Lash 

Financial Administrator, Steubenville Catholic Schools


Christ the Teacher Diocesan Scholarship Fund 

Did you pay Ohio State taxes for the 2022 tax year? Did you know that a new Scholarship Tax Credit program makes it possible to make a no-net-cost gift that will turn your Ohio tax dollars into tuition for students of any Catholic school you designate in the Diocese of Steubenville?

How does it work? It’s simple- make a contribution to the Christ the Teacher Diocesan Scholarship Fund (CTDSF) by December 31st that will be eligible for a non-refundable 100% tax credit of up to $750 ($1,500 if married filing jointly) against your 2023 state tax liability. CTDSF will send you a tax receipt for filing your 2023 state income taxes; And notify the designated school of your contribution.


More information can be found at https://diosteub.org/ctdsf
and in the video below:

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