The Home & School Association is a 501(c) (3) charitable and educational organization.


To support the education of the children at Steubenville Catholic Schools by fostering relationships among parents, faculty, and the administration.  Home & School membership included all parents, legal guardians, and other persons standing "in loco parentis" with a child or children enrolled and attending BJKM Elementary & JH, as well as all members of the faculty, staff, and administration of BJKM Elementary & JH.


The Home & School Association (HSA) is to support quality Catholic education for the children at a collaborative volunteer/school network of communications and activities. The HSA works to promote the educational, spiritual, cultural, and social welfare of our school. In addition, the HSA provides support for the administration and faculty of the school.

The HSA serves many important functions including:

  • encouraging and edifying the BJKM Elementary & JH community through social activities
  • enlisting, coordinating, and equipping volunteers to enrich student life
  • advocating and advancing academic and fundraising activities
  • providing support and contributions for annually budgeted activities
  • championing program and materials for the enhancement of our students and staff

Home and School Officers – BJKM Elementary 2023-2024 School Year:

Chairpersons- Melissa Bowers, Jessica Creegan and Andrea D’Aurora

Secretary-Michelle Dickey

Treasurer- Sarah Bartsch