Faithful to the teaching of the Catholic Church, Catholic Central High School prepares students to live their faith in a Christ-centered environment where academic excellence is fostered through a well-defined curriculum. With respect for oneself and each other, we strive to develop responsible individuals who make faith-filled decisions and become contributing members of a diverse society.


Our Catholic Community seeks to pass on its heritage of Faith to our children. CCHS exists primarily to serve this mission.

This Tradition calls forth: A belief in the active presence of God which we celebrate in prayer and Liturgy; A maturity that accepts responsibility and recognizes limitations; A regard for the authority of the Church; An active concern for social justice, peace, and human rights, both personal communal; psychological growth and a personal sense of self-worth.

It is the responsibility of the entire staff to emulate these ideals and to ensure that they pervade the structure of school life. It is in service to the Gospel of Jesus Christ and our Christian ministry that we seek to promote spiritual, intellectual, physical, and social growth in a caring community environment. CCHS strives to be a resource and a guide to this lifelong task through a program of sound religious formation and excellence in education.

As an education institution, CCHS seeks primarily:

  • To lead students to an awareness of the Lord Jesus Christ in their lives;
  • To promote in the individual student those morally sound behaviors which promote success, such as effective study habits; use of available resources; and a desire to investigate beyond the basics;
  • To foster academic excellence, inquiry, and development in the curriculum, as well as encouraging aesthetic, athletic, vocational, and parish/community programs;
  • To support the democratic ideals of our nation by instilling the students a sense of Christian leadership and responsible political involvement;
  • To respect and nurture an interdependent relationship between and among the school community and the parents, parishes, and communities from which CCHS draws life.