Morning Drop Off: 7:30–8:10am
1) Traffic will be routed to enter the parking lot from Rosemont Avenue. Access from Etta Avenue will be closed. This will eliminate congestion at the Garfield intersection for the high school and junior high arrivals.
2) No parking in the second to last row from 7:30-8:10am at the south end of the parking lot. These stalls will be clearly marked for you with white paint. This will provide a wider lane for cars to move down the lot, merge and pull up to the auditorium doors.
3) All students (except pre-kindergarten) will be dropped off at the breezeway and into the church auditorium for morning prayer.

Afternoon Dismissal for Students:
School dismissal is at 2:45pm. There are two car dismissal locations, two walker lines and a bus pick-up site.

Car Dismissal:
Gym Pick-Up Line – Last name ending in letters A – N
Breezeway Pick-Up Line – Last name ending in letters O – Z

All families are asked to have a LARGE and easily readable sign in the front window of your car with your family last name. This enables us to have your child(ren) ready to be placed into your car.

Walkers Dismissal: (all walkers must have a signed permission slip from a parent)
Cross walkers, which includes one adult and 2 – 6th graders, will escort students to these intersections and cross them. School cannot be responsible for the students once they are crossed. We discourage younger children walking home alone or walking into the CCHS parking lot.
1) Portland Avenue and Rosemont Avenue corner
2) Etta Avenue and Garfield Avenue (CCHS) corner

Bus Pick-Up:
Indian Creek School District, Toronto City Schools, Edison Local Schools, Buckeye Local, and Steubenville City schools provide bus transportation. All bus drop off and pick up is in front of the church on Rosemont Avenue. If your child will ride the bus, please contact the public school district transportation director as soon as possible. Send the information to us with the bus number as soon as you have that information. A teacher will be on duty to escort your child onto the correct bus.

For the afternoon dismissal time several adjustments will be implemented.

No parking in second to last row of parking spaces from 2:15-3:15pm at the south end of the parking lot. This will allow for comfortable room for two cars to

Pull into the parking lot from Rosemont. The left lane will turn up to the breezeway and the right lane will travel across the lot to the gym doors.

Car Parking is prohibited in a new bus loading zone along Rosemont Avenue between Etta Avenue and Portland Avenue from 2:15–3:15pm. There will be “No Parking Loading Zone” signs on both sides of the street in front of the church. This is a bus loading zone and must remain free of parked cars.

The first day of school parents will be asked to complete a form which indicates how their child(ren) will regularly be transported home from school. If the child(ren) are participating in a car pool, a regular dismissal point will be determined for the year.

During the first few weeks, school personnel will be outside helping parents with the traffic patterns. With patience and cooperation these new traffic plans should keep car lines moving and, most importantly, keep our students safe. After a few weeks, all patterns will be evaluated for improvement.