A faith-filled Catholic School designed to meet the unique needs of 6th, 7th and 8th graders.


Bishop John King Mussio Junior High is a diocesan school serving the students of the Ohio Valley. Our primary mission is to provide a faith based, academic community that forms minds, hearts, and souls in the likeness of Christ. We foster the God-given gifts of our students through challenging curriculum, fine arts, athletics, and service in a learning environment based on trust and mutual respect.


…the Catholic faith must permeate the curriculum and develop disciples who value and live the Gospel teachings.

…adolescents possess unique educational, social, and emotional needs that impact the learning process.

…each child must be equipped with the tools necessary to reach his or her highest potential.

…it is important to serve others through the sharing of our time, treasures, and talents.

…the collaboration of school, family, parish, and community is essential to a well-rounded education.