Welcome to the Steubenville Catholic Schools Band/Instrumental Program page  
The Band program at Steubenville Catholic Schools begins in 5th grade and continues throughout all schools in a coordinated effort.  It is one program with four developmental and performance levels: the Elementary School Band, 6th Grade Band, Junior High Band, and High School Band.  

The whole student is considered early on, and musicianship is the focus.  This Music Education at Steubenville Catholic Schools has its foundation in general music knowledge and skills developed in the primary grades of Elementary School with an excellent General Music program.  The instrumental program builds upon that knowledge, producing students who have well-rounded performance experience in many genres and are ready to move into higher-level learning musical experiences and/or careers.      

The Steubenville Catholic Schools Instrumental Program is entirely supported by the CCHS Band Boosters.  Please see information below in the Crusader Marching Band portion of this page for more information on how parents of all levels can be involved and benefit from being part of the Band Boosters.  

Steubenville Catholic High School Instrumental Program

The High School Band program at CCHS consists of the Crusader Marching Band for the Fall Semester, and Concert Band in the Spring.  
Crusader Marching Band
The Crusader Marching Band of Steubenville Catholic Central is made up of approximately 60 dynamite students (from 7th to 12th grade), all with their own unique personalities and skill levels. The Crusader Marching Band includes Musicians, Royalettes and Color Guard. The Marching Band traces its history to the opening of CCHS, a legacy within a tradition! Are you thinking of being part of the band? Would you like to play an instrument? Or is performing through dance your desire? The Crusader Marching Band is always looking for new students who are curious about participating. We play at all football games, Pep Rallys, Fish Frys, Kennywood, and in local parades. The Crusader Marching Band performs at concerts, the Varsity Show, and the Summer Fest. During the summer, there are several mini-band camp weeks and a weeklong residential summer camp to hone skills; practice shows and have fun. The Crusader Marching Band is a family, a group of like-minded student-musicians and dancers who want to be part of something wonderful.

Staff:  The Crusader Marching Band professional staff includes a Band Director, Assistant Band Director, Color Guard Coach and Royalette Coach.  Specialists for each area are brought in by the Band Boosters for Brass, Woodwind and Percussion for Band Camp. Band Camp also has a paid medical provider who provides for immediate concerns.    
Come check us out – the performance calendar is below – and then sign up! New band members need no experience, you can come to the band room each Monday after school until 3:45 for a “New Player Clinic” for any instrument throughout the school year.
Marching Band is a class during Fall Semester. Those in the Crusader Marching Band fulfill a PE credit as well as a Fine Arts credit. In the 2nd semester, the Concert Band practices for and performs two concerts and at graduation.
Parents with Band Members – Let’s get involved!

BAND BOOSTERS MEETING ARE THE SECOND TUESDAY OF EVERY MONTH, 7 PM IN THE BAND ROOM.  The Band Boosters, while focusing specifically on supporting the Crusader Marching Band, support the entire Steubenville Catholic Schools band program through their efforts.  Through creative fundraising, they help build the high school band program through instrumental repair and replacement for all band students in the feeder band programs at BJKM grades 5, 6, 7 and 8. The Steubenville Catholic School system provides the directors, coaches, music and facilities. The Booster program provides the means for everything else including transportation, instruments and equipment, uniforms, food, chaperones, through creative fundraising, coordination and care. All instrumental parents are, by extension, Band Booster members and have a vested interest in being involved by volunteering for activities and leadership.  Parents are absolutely integral and welcome to be involved in the band program at all levels.      
Please contact [email protected] with any questions or issues about the Crusader Marching Band program.

Crusader Marching Band forms and information:

Jr. High Band Calendar

Band Calendar

The Concert Band is a second Semester class which performs at a minimum of two events: the Spring Concert and at Graduation. Small ensembles made up from members of the Concert Band do have performance opportunities throughout the year. Performance is required as part of the curriculum.  Members of the Concert Band are also expected to play in the Pit Orchestra for the Spring Musical.
The Concert Band is a developmental band consisting of standard band instrumentation.  Because there is currently no orchestral program at CCHS, string players are welcome to join and participate in gaining ensemble experience.  Introduction to different genres of band music occurs through practice and preparation for concert performance.
Experience on a band instrument is preferred, but instruction is available to those who are less experienced on a case-by-case basis.

The BJKM Junior High Band plays at the Christmas Concert and the Spring Concert. The JH Band meets three class periods each week and is a developmental band that builds on skills learned in the 5th and 6th grade band programs. Using Book 2 of Hal Leonard ESSENTIAL ELEMENTS, students are exposed to higher levels of note reading, scales, sight reading, key and time signatures and ensemble playing. Playing tests are given to assess student progress and achievement. Performance in a concert setting is required for these young musicians as part of the curriculum.

Currently, the JH Band consists of 7th and 8th grade instrumentalists and offers instruction and experience on the following instruments:

F Horn
Other percussion instruments

Some members of the JH Band who demonstrate proficiency and motivation are offered an opportunity to join the Crusader Marching Band. This opportunity is done through an audition process which takes place in February and March before the Summer/Fall marching season begins. At this time, the JH members of the Crusader Band attend JH Band as a class once school begins for the Fall Semester.

6th Grade Band

The opportunities for any student to learn a band instrument is available in 6th Grade Band while at BJKM Junior High. Made up of the same instruments as the JH Band, 6th grade band builds on instruction received in 5th grade. Using Book 1 of Hal Leonard ESSENTIAL ELEMENTS, students are exposed to higher levels of note reading, scales, key and time signatures. Although in Junior High, 6th Grade Band meets twice a week and is separate from the JH Band so that more personalized instruction can take place for the younger student.

The 6th Grade Band takes part in the Christmas Concert, the Spring Concert, and can participate in the Sit-With-the-Band event with the Crusader Marching Band during the football season. Performance in a concert setting is required for these young musicians as part of the curriculum.