Fundraising & Event Requests


Campus Fundraising Policy 1/24

Link to submit your event/fundraising request

The Principals, Marketing Department and Advancement have jointly agreed that we must adhere to our Fundraising and Event Policy across all three schools. (Policy available in above link)

The main way this affects you is the requirement to notify Administration no later than thirty (30) days before proposed fundraisers or events for team and groups and receive approval before scheduling and sixty (60) days for proposed class fundraisers for trips, dances, senior gifts etc.

Your help on this and adherence to this process will prevent the following problems:

A) Double booking times, dates and locations for school fundraisers and activities and
B) Having events be overlooked and not advertised by the school.
C) Solicitation of sponsors for multiple events at the same time.

Faculty and Staff are responsible for ensuring the groups you work with know and follow this policy.

Submitting a Fundraising Request is very simple.

1.  Fill out and submit the form in less than 2 minutes.
2. Administration will review and get back to you promptly and will look to market and support your event as much as possible.

If you have any questions on this policy or how we can support your group/team’s fundraiser or event, do not hesitate to contact me.

– Michael Schmiesing